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For serious physical abuse or sexual abuse, also contact the state police & local law enforcement.

ACES Coalition of West Virginia


Prevent Child Abuse WV and TEAM for WV Children are pleased to be part of the ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Coalition of West Virginia. The Coalition is working to achieve our mission to improve the health and well-being of all West Virginians by reducing the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and preventing their occurrence.

The ACES Coalition is pleased to offer the availability of two films Paper Tigers and Resilience that, in the words of Director James Redford (KPJR Films), show us, through science and the stories of our young people, how adults are stepping up to help children who are exposed to adverse experiences. We hope the stories of children, educators and scientists grappling with the results of trauma help raise awareness, foster conversation and inspire action.

Paper Tigers and Resilience are available for free local screenings by request from the through the WV ACES Coalition at the following link:

KPJR Films, which produced Paper Tigers and Resilience, also put together the following five-minute video overview of the ACE Study.

We hope you will join us as a member of the ACES Coalition. Please email our ACES Coalition Coordinator, Tricia Kingery, to be added to our email list for the ACES Coalition. 

The 2018 WV Legislative Session is fast approaching! Please join Prevent Child Abuse West Virginia in supporting the advancement of family friendly public policy. PCA-WV keeps people informed about pending federal and state legislation. We also support organized efforts to impact policy through our Legislative Action Center, in conjunction with the Legislative Action Team for Children and Families.

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Circles of Caring: What Child Abuse Prevention Looks Like

Section One. About Abuse & Neglect

(including new mandated reporter requirements)

Section Two. About Reporting
(including new mandated reporter requirements).

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